• Leadership & Management Training & Development

    Leading and managing a team can be challenging. We’ve held positions of leadership and management and we understand the high level of demand and requirements managers face.  We know where to start, what's important and what's required to lead and manage others. It's from this understanding that we develop our training. No two situations or people are the same and so our content is highly tailored to each company and person we work with.

    Our clients consist of CEO's, Directors, MD, Sales and Marketing Managers, Operations Managers, Team Leaders and newly appointed Managers.

    If you're considering Leadership and Management training, here's what we thinks important:

    1. The facilitator / trainer needs the ability to build and establish trust & credibility quickly with all participants.

    2. Throughout the training there should be a focus on participants growing personal self awareness and an understanding of how their natural style effects their outcomes.

    3. It should also continue to develop their core leadership & Management skills and behaviours.

    4. The training needs to take into account the experience and skills of each participant and adjust the content and level of delivery accordingly. 

    5. The training should also enable participants to effectively deal with difficult situations and people - Fronting up when needed and keeping short accounts.

    And 6. It's about developing their ability to get work done through others through delegation, accountability, encouragement, support and discipline.


We've been working with Leaders and Managers for years. 


Our leadership and management training covers a wide range of topics. Below is a list, so let’s meet/talk and choose the topics that best meet the needs and goals you have for you and your team or an individual. We're easy to get on with, connect with everyone and have a long list of highly engaged, connected and effective managers.

How do we train and develop Leaders?


We run Leadership & Management programmes, one off workshops focused on a particular skill, discipline or behaviour. Or we work with individuals on and ongoing coaching and mentoring basis. Whatever the requirement, we can create a programme to suit.

What Ryan said about our Leadership training..............


"Kelly and Richard from Populus have been training and developing our team for a number of years now. The content is exceptional. Populus training has been an extremely helpful tool to up-skill our staff as our company has grown quickly and we need our people's ability to keep up with our company growth. We’d highly recommend their services, especially for management and sales training."

Ryan McQuerry - Director - Outside In

What are the topics........

A few of the topics we often train Leaders & Managers are...........

Delegation and empowering others - Personalities including Extended DISC - Emotional intelligence - Key business and managerial communication skills - Business assertion - Conflict resolution - Delivering highly effective presentations - Negotiating - Persuasion - Building self confidence - Overcoming objections - Clever conversational questions - Transactional analysis - Building trust and rapport - Prioritisation - Motivating and guiding employees - Time Management - Guiding Pillars -  Circle of influence - Values - Business motivators - Running Great Meetings - Review meetings - Recruitment and interviewing skills

And so much more...............


"Populus has provided excellent training and development through numerous workshops for our 20 -30 middle managers. They are always engaging and connect with every person in the room.

Heather Jones - HR Manager - Douglas Pharmaceuticals