• Sales & New Business Development Training & Development

    We've been working with sales people for many years and specifically a number of the same sales teams for over 8 years now.................


    If you're considering sales training, here's what we think's important:

    1. Sales people are active and on the go, so sessions need to be engaging and highly interactive.

    2. Training content needs to be extremely practical and immediately usable.

    3. Each person needs to feel connected and involved the whole way through.

    4. It should include, examples, stories and situations that relate directly to their day to day selling.

    5. It's best if it develops not only skills, but behaviours, disciplines and personal self awareness.

    And 6. It should be challenging, encouraging, insightful and grow confidence with a touch of entertainment and fun.

Developed specifically for your business and team.


We know our content, and the critical skills that develop and grow sales people.  You know your business, your team and individuals, and specifically the outcomes you're looking for.  We work closely with your company to gain a deep understanding of you and your sales team.  We design content using real, relevant live examples, so that the skills gained are immediately usable.

Your Team is safe with Us. We connect with each person uniquely. 


Our content is real, practical and draws on examples that each person can relate to. We pride ourselves on ensuring we connect with every person, creating a unique journey of developing them to their next level. The sessions are highly interactive, entertaining and have immediate impact.

What Peter said about our training..............


"FUJIFILM have a energetic, active and creative sales force. Training On Demand tailored and delivered energetic workshops that totally engaged our group, had immediate impact and added skills at all levels of experience.

We ran sales, negotiating and persuasive presentation workshops that generated excellent buy in, and boosted confidence all round in a difficult economic climate."

Peter Bonisch - Sales & Marketing Manager - FujiFilm

What are the topics........

A few of the topics we often train sales people include...........

Speed reading people - Personalities - Extended DISC - Emotional intelligence - Communication - Business assertion - Delivering highly effective presentations - Negotiating - Persuasion - Building self confidence - Overcoming objections - Clever conversational questions - Transactional analysis - Building trust and rapport - Closing - Telephone selling - Follow up - Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) - Advanced Selling Skills

And so much more...............

What Erik said about our training...............

Populus delivered a tailored training program to progress my sales team to greater results. Kelly has a great way of connecting with the team and creates an engaging, upbeat learning environment. She challenged the status quo and had loads of sales strategies to improve the skills of my team.

Erik Tams - Sales and Marketing Manager - OOB