We gently guide people through learning more about who they are. We're incredibly perceptive and have a strong understanding of  psychology and what makes people tick.

We've a deep knowledge, understanding and personal experience of exceptional business skills and personal behaviours.

The aim is to enable each person to be consciously competent. Becoming confident in utlising the skills and behaviours in the right circumstance to achieve their best result.

What We Do

What Jeremy said about our training:

"Through Populus focus and dedication Viking Conveyor have seen the vision of becoming a professional sales force more of a reality than an ambition. Populus has been an instrumental factor in our sales competency through training of best international practice designed around the team abilities, and delivered in a manner that is not only comprehensible, but more importantly, believable. I personally enjoy how the structure to our training session are based around the people within the business and not simply from a book."

Jeremy Cook - National Sales Manager - Viking Conveyor

Face to face In-house workshops / programmes

One on one coaching and mentoring sessions / programmes

Online video coaching and mentoring

What Erik said about our training...............

Populus delivered a tailored training program to progress my sales team to greater results. Kelly has a great way of connecting with the team and creates an engaging, upbeat learning environment. She challenged the status quo and had loads of sales strategies to improve the skills of my team.

Erik Tams - Sales and Marketing Manager - OOB


What Gary said about our training..............


Kelly trained through Zoom our Foster Parent Recruiters regarding preparation, setting the scene, and presentation skills and tips when communicating with individuals or groups using a web-based video conferencing tool, in our case Zoom.  The training was extremely useful, very practical.  I have no doubt  better outcomes will result from our Zoom meetings.  It takes extra preparation and a different set of skills to hold such meetings, whether in COVID-19 times or post COVID-19, I highly recommend this training.  Kelly is very engaging and highly personable.

Garry Field - Open Home Foundation





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