More About Us

What Dean said about our training.....................

"We have used Richard and Kelly for training & personal development of our Sales Team and our Retail Sales Customers for over 8 years, and one of the best things about working with them is their ability to quickly establish rapport with the groups they are working with. This allows for key messages and learning to be transferred with ultimate affect to their audience".

Dean Chandler - GM NZ Sales - Cavalier Bremworth

What we work towards

When it comes to training and development, it's all about growth. Growth that leads to more productivity, higher sales, better people management, more effective communication, increased skills, stronger disciplines, solid business behaviours, strengthened relationships........and there's so much more.


So what makes us successful and effective? We maybe better than most, are able to help people self discover and grow. And It's because we've actually made it our own life pursuit. We love learning and developing who we are to "Be Better".


We're good at what we do. We're not arrogant about that fact, actually quite the opposite. A core value for us is Humility, but I'd like to help you understand that we're some of the best in the business..........well that's what our clients say anyway........

Who we are

Here's a few's not what we normally like to do, "blow our own trumpet", but it'll help you to know a bit more about us.

We love life and work towards getting the most out of it in everything we do. Business skills training is just an extension of who we are.

Richard and Kelly Klein Ovink

  • Run and facilitated 1000's of business training and development workshops.

  • Coached, mentored and trained 10,000's of people.

  • We hold an 4.7 plus  average star rating from every training participant.

  • Coach and mentor Directors, General Managers, Sale Managers, Opearations, Marketing, Sales and more.

  • Coached young and old people through career choices and decision making.

  • Have worked with an extremely wide variety of people in ages and ethnicities.

  • Taught life skills to intermediate and high school age kids when we were 18-21 years old.

  • Sales experience - 3 to 5 years.

  • Operations and marketing experience.

  • General Manager (Richard) at the age of 28 (25 employees)

  • Breakfast the US President George W. Bush.

  • Facilitators at Aspiring Leaders Forum hosted in NZ parlimant for 3 days including some 75 MP's.

  • Organised and lead pacific leaders conferences.

  • Attended numerous leadership, development programmes in NZ, Australia and USA.

  • Started Populus in 2008

  • Married for 22 years - 3 amazing children.

Meet our family............because we approach life as a whole and our business world and family life blend....

We have three kids and a dog and live in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.............As you may imagine we inspire our children to be the best they can be. Our priority is not necessarily what they achieve but "Who" they become........... As a family we love to be active, and a couple of ways we achieve that is through surfing and snowboarding together. Amazing family times!

Training and Development