Developed specifically for your business and team.


We know our content, and the critical skills that develop and grow people.  You know your business, your team and individuals, and specifically the outcomes you're looking for.  We work closely with you and your company to gain a deep understanding of your business and needs.  We design content using real, relevant, live examples, so that the skills gained are immediately usable.

How we develop others: 

If it's a group of people we can run workshops. Sometimes it's a half day or a one day, one off. For others where running a series of ongoing sessions across their business.

Sometimes it's just one or two people, so we create individual coaching and mentoring programmes.

What Lance said about our training..............


The tremendous difference that working with Populus has made is evident in the quality of output, and a new willingness of our staff to engage new tasks.

We have a real unity towards continuous improvement and a stronger team spirit after using the training and development which Populus Training on Demand has to offer. Highly recommended.

Lance Bridgford - Country Manager - Locker Group

What are the topics........

A few of the topics we often train in are........

Time management - Speed reading people - Personalities including Extended DISC - Emotional intelligence - Key business and personal communication skills - Business assertion - Conflict resolution - Delivering highly effective presentations - Negotiating - Persuasion - Building self confidence - Clever conversational questions - Transactional analysis - Building trust and rapport - Prioritisation  - Circle of influence - Values - Business motivators - Telpehone skills - Email writing - Body language

And so much more...............

What Johnathan said about our training..............


We love the world class, "developed in NZ", training material that Populus delivers. We are seeing skills grow and behaviours develop.

Populus has created practical, useable business skills training that works. I would highly recommend to any business.

Johnathan White - General Manager - Fletcher Reinforcing